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8 Tips to Write Short Fiction by Kurt Vonnegut

8 Tips to Write Short Fiction by Kurt Vonnegut

In a short video by Kurt Vonnegut, the phenomenal writer behind Slaughterhouse Five provides a succinct take on how to write a short story in eight points, although the words are exemplary of how we can use prose to truly change the perceptions of and move our audiences:

Kurt Vonnegut

  1. Use the time of a total stranger in such a way…

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Why I give up dating men

“For there is nothing heavier than compassion. Not even one’s own pain weighs so heavy as the pain one feels with someone, for someone, a pain intensified by the imagination and prolonged by a hundred echoes.” - Milan Kundera.

Why I give up dating men

“For there is nothing heavier than compassion. Not even one’s own pain weighs so heavy as the pain one feels with someone, for someone, a pain intensified by the imagination and prolonged by a hundred echoes.” - Milan Kundera.

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Protecting Temples of Solitude

Protecting Temples of Solitude

gorgeous temple for the gods

Temple for the gods, Phi Phi Nature Resort

The Thais have a wonderful tradition that I only learned about on my recent visit to the islands. Along the edges of various beaches, I found tranquil shrines, often lined with the miniature statues of a single goddess, Phra Mae Thorani.

Local folklore says that Phra Mae Thorani was a young woman who wrung the cool waters of detachment from her hair. The…

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Stylized Elegance and Coco Chanel

Stylized Elegance and Coco Chanel

Coco Chanel was born on August 19, 1883, and this week celebrates her 131st birthday. As a result, I’ve rounded up some of the incredible pearls of wisdom from the rebellious superstar stylist.

1. Don’t spend time beating on a wall, hoping to transform it into a door.

Coco Chanel

2. A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.

3. In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.


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4 Fun Ways to Eat Minced Meat

4 Fun Ways to Eat Minced Meat


Having a lot of minced meat on my hands, I recently made an array of four different types of dishes, all of which are quick and easy, and which made me realize how much fun it is to create a variety of different dishes.

Whoever said that home food needs to be boring clearly hasn’t spent enough time using garnish as the main contents of their dishes, I reckon.

Each of these four dishes took less…

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Indian Independence Day Train to Churchgate

Indian Independence Day Train to Churchgate

The Train to Churchgate. Copyright Raad Rahman, 2012

The Train to Churchgate. Copyright Raad Rahman, 2012

August 15, 2014:The interesting part about being a half Indian is that most people refuse to accept that there is a possibility of such a divide. Indeed, politicians from both Bangladesh and India will be happy to inform you that once you go one way, unlike “persons of Indian origins,” your Bangladeshi fate is sealed, if not culturally, then at…

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17 Creative Ways to Capture what Captivates You

17 Creative Ways to Capture what Captivates You

Creativity can spark interest in our surroundings and allow us to make connections that we never thought would be possible. By using the applicable knowledge we have at our disposal, we can make daily connections that affect our views, inciting emotions ranging from anger and frustration to more flattering ones, such as happiness and joy.


Audrey Hepburn with her cat from “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.”…

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One Tree and Not Two

One Tree and Not Two

10479548_697100807566_3341852196135643897_n (1)

Sea glass, sea shells, sand

Sea glass, sea shells, sand. Original work by Raad Rahman with sea glass, rocks and shells from Taormina, Clacton and Phi Phi.

Recently I introduced my nephew to lavender at a park near Epping and he was very impressed. He could not stop sniffing at the lavender. In fact, he even came close to trying to catch one of the many bees hovering over the lavender with his bare hands, but I was able to…

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One cannot collect all the beautiful shells on the beach. One can collect only a few, and they are more beautiful if they are few. -Anne Morrow Lindebergh


Collecting sea paraphernalia has long been one of the most delightful aspects of taking a walk through different beaches.

Shells, close up

Shells, close up

Whether you are moved to make records of encounters with ladyboys in the balmy nights of a tropical April, crush up shells while you contemplate your maturity to the swaying of a hammock, whilst you pay homage to Rudyard Kipling’s “If” with crushed up shells creating a colorful mosaic, or are spellbound by the secrets the morning air breathes upon you during your navigations through clear blue expanses, or even if the only accomplishment you achieve is a conversation with a stranger on a secluded beach, chances are that you have that the idea of being on the beach has occurred to you, and if you haven’t already, you intend to get to a beach before the end of the summer.

I’m an obsessive fan of the beach, and in recent months, found myself filling my bag in Thailand, not with any conventional souvenirs, but with shells, leaves, and sea glass that I found on the beaches in Thailand.

The result of the trip to Thailand was several journal entries about inspiration, thoughts on love and hours spent poring into skeletal shells, whilst I pondered over a conversation about enjoying a day on the beach with the one, the one who could never come, and all at once, I was all alone to pay pay homage to the treasures of strange shapes and colors I found littered along the waters.

Made of shards of glass containers ranging from perfume bottles to discarded cans, sea glass remains the source of much of my fascination.

On a simple and reassuring level, sea glass provides the ultimate proof that sharp edges can become rounded with age and time can wear away anything. A few years ago, whilst visiting my friend Michael during a weekend in Shelter Island, he showed me a 36 inch jar, filled almost to the brim, with sea glass that his mother had collected from the beaches around their shaded wooden house.

Sea glass, sea shells, sand

At that time, he told me that sea glass can take between 15 and 60 years to lose its jaggedness. Apparently sea glass is much more visible in the sites of factories and spaces of industrial waste. Whilst this makes complete sense, of course there were no factories in Taormina that I could spot, Taormina which paid homage to the most amount of sea glass I have seen anywhere.

sea glass and shellsWhilst in Taormina, I wondered whether sea glass piled up there because of exorbitant parties and uncleaned waste. The magic was mixed with danger, and I warned my friend Aruna to take care of her feet as she was playing in the water.

I was inspired, but until Taormina, I did not see such a wealth of sea glass.

Throughout my walks along beaches, I have aimed to push farther, walking along shores where the water never seemed to touch the toes of others, aiming to move from pristine to private. By doing thus, I have come to find that there are high volumes of green sea glass on some beaches, such as those that connected Isola Bella to Taormina in Sicily.

I picked up over two handfuls, and by a stroke of fate, found a few more in Koh Lanta, and recently at Clacton.

Whatever the reason is, sea glass makes for a wonderful element to any shell collection, and can make for very creative collages and word plays.

I had a great deal of fun rearranging the leaves, shells and stones I have picked up into various patterns, and hope that you enjoy them too.



A Sea Glass and Shell Medley One cannot collect all the beautiful shells on the beach. One can collect only a few, and they are more beautiful if they are few.

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How (Food) Choices Affect Our Happiness

How (Food) Choices Affect Our Happiness

The Case of the Disastrous Egg Sandwich

Whilst babysitting a friend’s 41 month old, I realized the little boy was made to eat an egg sandwich almost every single day for lunch for the past year, ever since he expressed enjoying an egg sandwich one day during lunch.

“Doesn’t he ever get tired of the sandwiches?” I asked my friend Emma when she came back home.

“Oh, he loves egg sandwiches. Why…

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The Penultimate Rejection Letter from Jackie Kennedy Onassis

The Penultimate Rejection Letter from Jackie Kennedy Onassis

July 28, 2014:Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, arguably the most beloved US first lady of all time, has lived a formidable and admirable life. This week celebrates Jackie’s 85th birthday. Whether we know her for her phenomenal editorial skills in bringing beloved writers such as Naguib Mahfouz to a wider English speaking audience, or are tantalized by the tales of glamor surrounding her marriage to…

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