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In Gaudi’s Playground

In Gaudi’s Playground

DSC_0001One of Barcelona’s biggest appeals is the architecture of Antoni Gaudi, whose mark on the landscape of the city is unmistakable, diverse, and grandiose. Whether it is at the Casa Battlo, pictured above, or a fragmented detail of the mosaics on the rooftops of Palau Guell, pictured below, the diversity in using local tiles to create murals and play with form to create fluid asymmetrical…

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Rockstar Dio Haque’s Fantastic Insights on Being Creative

Rockstar Dio Haque’s Fantastic Insights on Being Creative

I believe that every person is born with an ability for the arts, some people search for it for their entire lives while some lucky ones identify their abilities early on. – Dio Haque

Every once in a while, we encounter artists who truly shape the landscapes that they are working in. Such an artist is Dio Haque, the drummer from Nemesis. When you meet Dio, his tall and lanky build can be…

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How to Handle a Bully

How to Handle a Bully

“Nobody in school speaks to me.”


“They think I’m weird because I can’t hear very well. They act like I’m stupid and they mimic me whenever I speak.”

“Were you born with hearing problems?”

“No, there was a flood in the town I lived in when I was growing up when I was three years old. I fell in the water, and I am lucky to survive.”

“What do you do when they make fun of you.”

“I laugh. The…

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An Exclusive New Novel from An Emerging Bengali Novelist

An Exclusive New Novel from An Emerging Bengali Novelist

Friends, it is with great pride that I present my debut novel, “Framed Butterflies,” which was published earlier in August on a whim on

It’s surprisingly doing very well, despite the fact that I did not even hear back from Amazon about it going live at the beginning.

Most shocking was when I found it in the top 50 list in the Historical Asian fiction section earlier today!

Amazon screen shot


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The Girl Whose Passion for Sewing Saved Her Life

The Girl Sewing More than Just a Hobby: Portraits of Khulna

“After the hurricane hit our village and our house went under, my family and I moved to Banderban for two years.”

“Did you like being away from Khulna?”

“No, I miss it and all my friends. We didn’t have a school anymore because it had been washed away by the floods, and my parents thought that Banderban would be better. It’s also hillier, and we all agreed that we were better off there.”

“So why…

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The Bangladeshi Teen Who Opened a Cosmetics Story to Boycott Child Marriage

The Bangladeshi Teen Who Opened a Cosmetics Story to Boycott Child Marriage

“I think the cyclone of 2009 was a blessing in disguise.”

“Why is that?”

“Well, if the cyclone hadn’t come, then our house wouldn’t be blown away, and I would have been forced to marry the neighbor’s son the following year, when I would have been only 10 years old.

“How did the hurricane save you?”

“Well, we didn’t really have very much to begin with, but because our house blew away, people from…

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Discovering Theater as a Means of Combatting Physical Handicaps in Dacope

Discovering Theater as a Means of Combatting Physical Handicaps in Dacope


“When I was a child, my parents found out that one of the times I got sick with fever, it wasn’t just a normal fever. Before long, I couldn’t walk and my knees protruded out.”

“How did this affect you when you found out?”

“I realized that even though I would never be able to play cricket with the other children, at least there was nothing wrong with my reasoning or my voice.”

“So what did you…

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Swimming Lessons that Save Lives

Swimming Lessons that Save Lives

0077-Khulna-30 July-2013

Children learning about how to save a drowning friend in Bangladesh, where floods take up to 18,000 lives on a yearly basis during monsoon months.

“Did you know that over 18,000 children die in Bangladesh every year due to drowning? I have a theory that it’s because not many people know how to swim here.”

“How long have you been teaching children how to swim?”

“I started three years ago. I always…

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A Lesson on the Karmic Nature of Theft

A Lesson on the Karmic Nature of Theft


Khulna Railway Station Pigeon Diversion

“I was arrested and taken to the police station because I stole four pigeons. Some men came from the community and they counseled me about why I stole the pigeons. But they felt sorry for me and they let me go.”

“Why did you steal the pigeons?”

“I already had 12 birds. I love pigeons. One day I saw that some of the other boys also had four pigeons and I couldn’t resist. I stole them. But I…

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A Plant Show of a Different Kind

A Plant Show of a Different Kind

Every ten years, there is a horticultural expo that comes to Venlo, in the Netherlands. In the summer of 2012, whilst I was staying with a friend and her family, her stepmother and stepsister surprised us with tickets to the show. 

The show provided a rare glimpse at the world of technology in producing green foods, as well as a great variety of flora and fauna assembled in an appealing and…

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The Bangladeshi Woman Who Has Stopped 23 Child Marriages Alone

The Bangladeshi Woman Who Has Stopped 23 Child Marriages Alone

“My husband helps me with my work.”

“What do you do?”

“I have been counseling young girls to say no to child marriage for years.”

“How many have you stopped?”

“23 so far.”

“And how has your husband helped?”

“He cuts up the vegetables and looks after our only grandchild while I make my rounds counseling pregnant ladies in the community about good nutritional standards, or during the hours that my…

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Pregnant at 14 in Bangladesh

Pregnant at 14 in Bangladesh

“How many months pregnant are you?”

“Five months along.”

“And how old are you?”

“I’m 18.” She glances at me nervously, wondering if I am one of the good guys or the bad. She hesitates, but then continues, “Actually, I’m about 14.”

“You don’t know your real age then?”

“Well, on paper it says I’m 18, because you have to be 18 to get married.”

“Are you excited about giving birth?”

“To be honest, I’m…

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